Ian Hurst, “whistle blowing” and criminality.

How could I have missed this one? https://www.thecanary.co/2016/08/11/military-intelligence-whistleblower-profits-lack-privacy/

The excellent “Canary” had a look at Ian Hurst and his dubious methods of making money. Apart from his Bolton address, Hurst has properties in St Nexans, France and near Granada, Spain.

Hurst links to other dodgy dealings too, none more so than the framing of Asil Nadir and Hurst’s @iTraceUK company was foolish enough to out Olivia Frank, formerly of Mossad. Her blog on “Martin Ingram” ha been mentioned (simply Google “Ian Hurst is a menace”)


Odd that Greater Manchester Police (who fund him) and M.I.5 (ditto) are not questioning Ian Hurst? Or that his sole supporter is the ever manic fellow mortgage fraudster Peter Jukes? What would Enya say?


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