Derek Haslam, Alex Marunchak and Special Branch.

Alex Marunchak was a Special Branch interpreter and translator for twenty years. There was no way Special Branch were going to allow him to get burned in the hacking story because he knew too much. The Marunchak hacking case was simply allowed to peter out and die.

Keeley is now in an M.I.5 apartment, running a photography business.

The 2006 falling out of Hurst and Marunchak? Hurst is allowed tacitly to do his “tracing” business with government blessing.

Both Hurst and Marunchak are motivated primarily by money (as is fellow Special Branch asset/liability Derek Haslam).

The Special Branch “ran” Derek Haslam, as they did with Alex Marunchak, who was in turn running both Ian Hurst and Keeley.

Galileo was proven right.


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