Channel 4, Daniel Morgan and “Indefinite films”.

Paddy French is not happy, nor it seems is Peter Jukes, or their coterie at New Scotland Yard.

Is the “Daily Mail” article to which they allude here?

“Private Eye” are scrupulously fair with regard to both sides in the Daniel Morgan murder cover up. Legality looms large, any accusation made against the police must be proven, as in the case of paid perjurer Derek Haslam.

Fillery’s acquittal largely blows Jukes conspiracy theory out of the water. Cook claims mental illness, that is fortuitous, as Haslam claims the same.

Michael Gillard in his magnus opus “Untouchables” p.12 “One of our sources, a former detective called Derek Haslam, has admitted that he was a paid informant…”

Ex DCS Dave Cook was investigated by “Southern Investigations” Cook was a target because he was corrupt,additionally he links to Haslam. Also, the child pornography placed on Fillery’s computer was placed there by Haslam. There will be forthcoming revelations in Goggzilla about Alastair Morgan and his veracity, or lack of it.

Andy Hayman and Derek Haslam are both free masons although Haslam was asked to leave “Manor of Bensham” lodge after his implication in the death of Alan “Taffy” Holmes.

The “Guardian” were bought off by Hayman, and even now the paper has close links to the Metropolitan Police.

Alex Marunchak is a poor example for “Press Gang” to quote, Marunchak links to Ian Hurst, a computer hacker with dodgy business practices, close to Haslam. Jukes is ever more paranoid, having attacked Dennis Rice plus many others on social media.

Finally, Haslam fled Norfolk after his house was purchased by plod, he moved to Cambridgeshire, and then was spotted in London, asking about property in the Canary Islands.




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