“Untold – the Daniel Morgan murder exposed”.

Required reading for all Law faculties – on how not to write a book on crime. Jukes opens his work (it is basically a typed up verbatim podcast script) with a message from Gordon Brown, still smarting at having his finances leaked. Al Morgan co “authored” this poor attempt at rehashing feeble prosecution arguments, it is full of glaring omissions. On page 134, Jukes sole source for the most contentious parts is Det Con (alternatively P.C) Derek Haslam. Yes, Haslam was involved in a fatal collision, he was also drunk driving in a stolen “borrowed” police vehicle. Page 95 “Dan knew Taff (sic) Holmes” contradicted by Al Morgan a page later. “Baffled completely that Haslam hadn’t been sacked immediately when he was found driving Jon Rees around”.  Page 153, Haslam left the police on health grounds. Omitted that he was declared mentally ill. Disgraced  former DCS Dave Cook was a target for obvious reasons, primarily connected to police corruption. Page 367, the Twitter account of “Christian Braveheart” was palpably not Jon Rees, just sympathetic to him – page 219, respected journalist Sylvia Jones is mentioned, but not Haslam and Jukes bitter vendetta against her. Page 173 is blatantly false, Haslam’s expenses were fully noted in a “Daily Mail” article, and his actions are the focus of an upcoming Channel 4 documentary. Finally, Alex Marunchak, links to Ian Hurst, thereby negating most of Jukes tenuous theories and utterly spurious rationale.



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