Peter Keeley/Kevin Fulton in London.

Following yesterday’s foray into book reviewing it might be appropriate to continue the literary theme.

In doing so, one may examine the links and roles of Peter Jukes, Ian Hurst, Alex Marunchak and the notorious MI5/PSNI shill Peter Keeley (alias Kevin Fulton, now in a heavily protected London flat).

This quote from Ian Hurst (page 13)

"I first met Fulton at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin in 1999. I was
asked along by Liam Clarke, the Sunday Times Northern Ireland editor.
Clarke had asked me to meet with Fulton to see if I could help him gain
compensation from the Ministry of Defence for the work he'd carried out
as a double agent. I had my own motivation for meeting Fulton. I was
desperate to hear more and learn more about the IRA's security
department. I was able to corroborate his claims with key sources within
British intelligence, within Northern Ireland security services and
within the Provisional IRA. 

It quickly became clear that Fulton is telling the truth. 

Initially, I have to admit to feeling sceptical about meeting this
murderer. Even today, we continue to disagree about the politics of
Northern Ireland. That said, Fulton has never lied to me. He has never
exaggerated or diminished his own role in any terrorist operations. I am
also happy to record that I like Kevin Fulton as an individual."

Of course Ian Hurst is lying, he knew “Fulton” long before. In fact all the way back to the late 1980’s, and the FRU years 1987-90.

"During his work for the FRU, Mr Hurst had dealings with an agent who
now uses the pseudonym "Kevin Fulton". Mr Fulton (a former member of the
British Army) infiltrated the IRA …"

Which pretty much buries the assertions made by Jukes in his latest flight of fancy book “Untold”.

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