Mitting versus Pitchford, Anatomy of a cover up.

To begin with, Peter Jukes dire podcast. Morgan 1 was examined in podcast one yet is regurgitated again. Mr Jukes wants questions, fine, then, “Operation Nigeria and the bugging of Southern Investigations, why did it produce no evidence?”

Podcast one had the murder weapon as “a samurai sword, some sort of eastern martial arts blade” according to Jonathan Rees initial statement, now Jukes and Al Morgan alter it to “battered, bludgened”.

At this point ought I to emulate Jukes with a free advert for “Cornerstone” razors? I will however drop a bombshell, Det Supt Campbell was a mess on the night of the murder, drinking heavily. That was due to his teenage daughter going off the rails (gangsta boyfriend, it worried Campbell, who had paid a fortune to have her educated privately). More bombshells, Jukes places great emphasis on Alex Marunchak and his connection to Jonathan Rees, yet omits a major connection to Ian Hurst.

27.00 minutes into podcast 2.2 , we hear of Sylvia Jones. She is on Jukes naughty step for uncovering huge swathes of information about Derek Haslam’s corruption. Indeed, much attention needs to be devoted to Haslam forcing Alan “Taffy” Holmes to commit suicide.

Now to other news, bent Judge Pitchford is being replaced by bent Judge Mitting (he of Plebgate and Rees and others versus Police). Plod are playing very dirty.

H/T to Ruth, Amber Rudd and “City Vintners” does it have shades of Operation Tempura and the Cayman Islands?


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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching largest case of police perjury in UK legal history.
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