Les trois villes – Bolton, Sheffield et Thurnscoe.

Another trip to England, this one entailed a lot of digging though with fruitful results. Firstly to Bury, then Bolton, where Greater Manchester Police proved quite loose tongued about Ian Hurst. Plod are bribed easily.

Then a diversion to Stocksbridge and an enjoyable match for Blades faithful, three nil at half time, by the final whistle I felt sorry for the home team. Onward to Fulwood and some information on a menopausal mad cat lady from the local Tory and Labour parties. Can one be extradited to South Yorkshire if actually in South Yorkshire? Legally a grey area?

Finally to the former mining district of Thurnscoe and unearthing the actions of disgraced ex Det Con Derek Haslam, who sabotaged ex miners compensation claims, plus other things. Haslam is Peter Jukes main source, Jukes failed his journalism course, and is now tub thumping about the Daniel Morgan panel and Theresa May’s links to Rupert Murdoch. He neglects those of Gordon Brown to sundry bent and highly corrupt individuals, as the Metropolitan Police grow ever more fearful of the spotlight falling on a half Jamaican ex psychiatric paid perjurer.

America has the Constitution, we have Hillsborough and a highly venal policing system.


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