Det Supt Fiona McCormack and Crategate.

Operation Megan raised many interesting points and questions, it also appears to be a nail in the coffin of what is left of the Metropolitan Police’s “reputation”. The case earlier this year which saw ex Det Sgt Sidney A Fillery awarded damages for what he went through when fitted up by the police, is coming back to haunt New Scotland Yard. The use of Gary Eaton by the now disgraced ex Det Ch Supt David Imrie Cook (Mrs Jacqui Hames) is a new low in the Met’s attempt to frame both Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers.

One needs to look at Operation Abelard II, Sally Anne Woods and Cook lying about Glenn Vian, as was proven by Justice Maddison. Indeed, Maddison stands in stark contrast to Justice “Plebgate” Mitting, Maddison is an honest member of the judiciary, Mitting highly corrupt.

George Goodridge and the axe (redacted for now).

The role of Asst Commissioner Yates, who disappeared to Bahrain to train torturers, needs fuller examination. As do the roles of Det Con Caroline Linfoot, Det Sgt Danny Dwyer, and of course, Det Insp Noel Beswick (hi, Noel, I know you are tuning in regularly, worshipful brother).

Along with the above motley crew is Det Insp Anthony Moore. Now that the knowledge of Cook illegally prompting Eaton is in the public domain will we hear from Nick Archer? Or Commander Shaun Sawyer? Or Det Con Phillip Clare, or Det Sgt Gary Dalby?

Another stellar police name is Commander Simon Foy who looks likely to lose both his pension and liberty at this rate.

Eighteen crates of evidence ignored or missing, this occurred with the Cardiff Three so will Messer Rees and the Vians be the Croydon Three?

Fiona McCormack lied concerning DCS Cook, and suffers by association with her actions and…

“causing or permitting a covert human intelligence source* Derek Haslam (codename Joe Poulton) to access legally privileged material and failing to disclose his actions as participating informant”. *CHIS is plodspeak for a paid perjurer.

Now to Operation Makenna and Operation Longhorn (redacted for now).

End of term report – Daily Mirror and Mail On Sunday, must try harder.

It bodes ill for the Grenfell Tower survivors that Fiona McCormack is involved.

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