Master of dark arts – Untold, series 2 episode 5.

Stephen Wright was never closely connected to “Southern Investigations”. If Peter Jukes wants to discuss stolen photographs, why not ask about his main source, Derek Haslam and his theft of one image of H.R.H Duke of Cambridge at RMA Sandhurst? Jukes quotes Andrew Doherty, as with Haslam, an alcoholic ex psychiatric patient. The essence of the latest dire podcast seems to be that private eyes were used by journalists. It is hardly earth shattering.

18 minutes in, is yet another advert, Cornerstone came quite early, then “Beer 52” why not eschew the podcast, with no new evidence, and concentrate on selling stuff?

Now to Mahmood. He punked a politician named Mellor, who had an affair. The only man to score in a Chelsea shirt that season. As for entrapment, John Alford wouldn’t have been trapped if he had not shoved half a pharmacy up his nose.

25 minutes in – the Guardian “journalist” David Conn asked me for “dirt” on Karl Massey so it is not the sole preserve of the red tops.

29 minutes in – Alex Marunchak, Jukes entire theory falls down, Marunchak was the central figure in connection with Ian Hurst, a computer hacker and Walter Mitty figure who is connected to Haslam.

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