Untold, Series 2.8 “Labyrinth of lies”

Laurie Flynn stayed sober long enough to be interviewed, and to mention “The Untouchables” but omitted a quote from page 12 ” …the Met spied on us during our time at the Guardian…one of our sources, a former detective called Derek Haslam, has admitted he was also a paid informant”. Haslam links to Andy Hayman, of Norfolk then the Met, Hayman ordered Rusbridger to pull Flynn and Gillard’s work. The Guardian today allows David Conn to be paid by North Wales Police and Vikram Dodd by the Met and others, enough said.

Ray Adams is mentioned in Jukes latest outing, but not the reason for Adams dislike of Haslam, the half Jamaican paid informant had killed a man, when drunk driving in Adams “borrowed” vehicle. After that, Adams wanted Haslam out.

In addition to Commander Adams others are mentioned – Sid Fillery (who had child pornography planted on his computer from Derek Haslam’s own collection) Alan “Taffy” Holmes (who was comprehensively betrayed by Haslam, which led to Haslam being expelled from the Manor of Bensham 7114 lodge), Alec Leighton (who connects to Haslam via Huntingdon Life Science and Haslam infiltrating and sabotaging animal rights activists) and Duncan Hanrahan.

15.00 minutes in and Flynn tells us of Haslam’s recruitment by Dave Wood, and that Haslam was a “troubled” individual. Jukes-speak for being an ex psychiatric patient (see earlier posts by Goggzilla concerning Dr Thomas Farewell) and Flynn incorrectly said Haslam was “paid a pittance” for infiltrating “Southern Investigations”, far from it, Haslam made enough money to buy properties in Southery, Watlington, Downham Market, Goa and less exotically, King’s Lynn.

Next episode looks like being a comedy, Alex Marunchak, a Rupert Murdoch employee and Ian “Walter Mitty” Hurst bogus claims on Scappaticci/Stakeknife, (in fact he was Kerbstone).

Guardian cryptic crossword, 13 down “Montenegro” a fat mulatto near Malta?

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