The Wiggenhall Waltz.

One hears that Mr Jukes latest installment of “Untold murder” is held up due to legal issues and infighting, meanwhile let us turn our attention to the usually good Skwakbox and this item.

Chief Constable accused in child-abuse scandal. No action in 9 months

First point must be to narrow down which Chief Constable. The ACPO lead on CSA is Simon Bailey of Norfolk.

Bailey is a worshipful brother at the same lodge as P.C James A Haslam and half Jamaican ex psychiatric patient, Derek G Haslam, his Dad.

Haslam planted child porn on Sid Fillery’s computer.

What would Mark Polin say about this? The Chief Constable of North Wales has been quiet recently, what with Darren Laverty and Sonia Poulton and everything. Gordon Anglesea linked to North Wales, and had an affinity lodge connection to Simon Bailey.

Did I mention Simon Bailey is ACPO lead on CSA and Chief Constable of Norfolk?

Haslam was last seen in Wiggenhall St German, the animal rights activists he jailed via perverting the course of justice, plus others, are most anxious to meet him.

Wonder why Assistant Chief Constable Sarah Hamlin resigned last year?



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