Ian Hurst, Mossad and P.C James A Haslam.

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What was Ian Hurst up to in 1990/91? PIRA, ever short of money, eschewed hitting Israeli targets in Northern Ireland but Mossad could well link to what MI5/MI6 were engaged in. If so, they will face a major headache. After the disastrous Gibraltar mission, the ‘RA searched for a spectacular. British bases in Cyprus were one wheeze, as was whacking Salman Rushdie, who may or may not have hid out in Emmanuel College, Cambridge at that time. The boys from High Command even wanted to kidnap a Tory donor who was in old Mexico, as a fundraiser.

Hurst links to Alex Marunchak and this torpedoes Peter Jukes “theory”. Hurst also links to paid police informer (one smiles at his use of undercover spy, reality is much less glamorous) Derek Haslam, recently spotted in Wiggenhall St Germans. Haslam’s pickaninnies also crop up in Norfolk Police, indeed, Chief Constable Simon Bailey is far from happy at the illegal antics of P.C James A Haslam being put in the public domain.

Animal rights activists are eager to locate Haslam Senior, but also to make the acquaintance of his family. Perjury is dangerous.



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  1. thorella says:

    The persecution of Barry Beardall and Jonathan Rees by state agencies is bizarre. I understand the state’s fear that revelations in Beardall’s case might very well lead to the logical conclusion that government agencies were running excise frauds to make a bob or two. From there it could also be drawn that the state set up and organised VAT carousel frauds to make a much more than a few billions off the back of the taxpayer running the frauds back to back.

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    Where are you?

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