More on Ian Hurst and Sasha Wass.

This is so poorly written it could only come from Peter Jukes.

As stated before, Ian Hurst never held a commission in the army. Also, Alex Marunchak had a cozy, long relationship with Hurst whilst both were with the News Of The World (Irish edition). As previously mentioned, Freddie Scappaticci was not “Stakeknife” he was “Kerbstone” and Hurst had no contact with him.

It seems that Sasha Wass Q.C is far from happy. Unsurprising given her links to Metropolitan Police corruption.

Where have we heard of RISC before? Well, it could be when Alec Leighton was shafted by his “pal” Derek Haslam, who was verballing up animal rights activists.

Cliff Knuckey enters the story too. What links Knuckey, Wass and Hurst? None other than paid police informer Haslam. Update, a wise old owl in the home counties asked “Is Robert Haslam of the Met actually Derek?” Pause. “Good God no, Robert is white”.


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