David Bray – “Daniel Morgan, Southern Investigations”.

5 RB have reputedly cleared this legally. Vanity published on Amazon, it begins with the murder of Daniel Morgan, at the “Golden Lion” in Sydenham. The night of 10 March 1987 was not the first night Morgan had visited the premises – he bought drugs for his junkie brother Alastair there, upon occasion.

Page 15 gives us a flavour of the book – John (sic) Rees and “his northern routes” unless Mr Bray is mentioning the Doncaster to Rotherham road, he should specify – roots.

Laurie Bucknall (sic) is Bucknole. Page 20 is a collection of fart anecdotes. Belles lettres it is not.

The chapter on Malta is good – Bray is the sole living witness to what went on, the folks mentioned are, as he correctly states, one of the two main motives concerning the Morgan murder.

Page 179, Al Morgan mentions Jonathan Rees, stating that Det Chief Insp Douglas Campbell was “a drunk”, as confirmed by half Jamaican ex Det Con Haslam.

Page 180 and the “Australian killer” the other motive for Morgan’s murder was adultery, cuckoldry.

Page 181 “Daniel was in contact by phone with Malta daily” (see above).

Page 186 Daniel Morgan was at the Golden Lion to buy drugs for his brother, Alastair”.

Page 205 the Binnie (sic) award. Jonathan Rees would hardly be anti police if he had been given the Binney award for bravery and helping the police.

Page 210 and P.C Richard “Boris” Zdrejewski.

Page 215 and mention of Det Sgt Sid Fillery and pornography charges, yet omission that images were sent from Derek G Haslam’s computer. Haslam’s son, P.C Jamie (or James) Haslam works for Norfolk Police and is a close associate of (worshipful brother) Simon Bailey, the Chief Constable.

Page 228 – Operation Huscote dealt solely with Derek Haslam’s illegality, leading on to page 229 and Operation Nigeria (named, doubtless in honour of Haslam’s African ancestry).  On page 230  – Dave Courtney, registered police informer, as is Haslam. Page 231 and Det Chief Supt Dave Cook, who was written about by Vikram Dodd, Nick Davies and Sandra Laville, all of the Guardian. David Conn is also a Guardian hack, paid by North Wales Police. Page 232, Operation Elveden and Mrs Jacqui Hames (Dave Cook). Page 233, Alison Saunders (now doubly infamous, for the Liam Allan false rape allegation).

Chapter 25 is entitled “The Teflon Trail”, it ought to read “trial” one wonders if the semi literate, ex psychiatric patient Derek Haslam proof read.

Page 251, Alex Marunchak,  connects to Walter Mitty figure, Ian Hurst.

Page 278, politicians Tom Watson, Emily Thornberry, Hazel Blears (is she pro or anti Team Rees and Team Vian?) plus Nick Herbert.

Page 288, nailing the 40,000 quid myth, there was no major police and drugs scandal, at best, the Morgan story was overtime scams at Catford police station, hardly cause to murder.

Page 306 and “blag” is an armed robbery, not lying.

Bray promises a second magnus opus. Ye Gods.


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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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