“You are going to die for grassing up Alan Holmes”.

Byline have been busy with the fallout from the Phone Hacking stories around News International.


It is a pity that they could not be more accurate. Jacqui Hames was a legitimate target, she was a TV presenter, she was involved with (married to) corrupt ex cop DCS Dave Cook and could thus expect to be a focal point of attention from the red tops.

Now to other developments. When Liz Truss is not besotted with Kwasi Kwarteng she is the M.P for South West Norfolk. One of her special needs constituents is another corrupt former rozzer, Derek Haslam, alias Joe Poulton. Far from reliable, he is far out on the cost of the Daniel Morgan murder cover up, it is £140 million, not £30 million. Thing is, why did Commander Ray Adams have it in for the lowly Det Con Haslam? Could it be due to Haslam killing a pedestrian while drunk driving, in Adams stolen car?

Or could it be the part Haslam played in the suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes? The suicide note, according to Haslam, blamed the half Jamaican for what happened to the Welshman, indeed The Met squarely held Haslam, as rightly responsible, for the demise of his affable colleague.

What occurred after 1997? Haslam did indeed become a grass, working for Det Ch Insp Tom Smith and bent top cop Dave Wood. They met at the Castle Hotel in Downham Market, near to where Haslam lives today, supposedly in witness protection. Odd, then, that he spends most of his time online ?

Haslam is obsessed with Adams, blaming him for not getting a Security Manager’s post with B.T. in Milton Keynes. Then Haslam blamed Duncan Hanrahan. Hold on, I am sure your turn will come too, dear reader. Ex psychiatric patient Haslam also has a bizarre theory about £1 million in drugs being sent from Miami. Curious that The Met have nothing on this.

He also name checks Det Supt Tony Lundy, infamous for Kroll and trying to frame Ian Puddick. Who is the Labour party Home Secretary Haslam tried to blackmail?

By 2006 Haslam began to become paranoid, now looking at John Yates as a betrayer and source of revenue.

In October 1997 Chris Jarratt took over as Haslam’s handler. They needed to fit up Jonathan Rees, so concocted a plot to plant drugs on him. Rees was far from alone in being such a target. Eamonn Harris was also as was John”Reg” Elliott.

Now Alec Leighton enters the fray, Haslam stated to The Met that Mr Leighton was corrupt and a drug dealer. In an expensive safe house in Cheam, Haslam began to worm his way into Alec’s life and business. Haslam also stated that Glenn Mulcaire was hacking his computer, which is queer, as he was told by Ian Hurst in 2003 that it was Philip Campbell-Smith. The arrest of Alec Leighton in December 2008 was due to Derek Haslam’s false reporting.

Haslam blamed “forged statements” plus other Kafkaesque machinations. It is worth mulling on the following Metropolitan Police quote “Rees, realistically, is the only person with particular animosity towards you”. What of DCI Noel Beswick?

“I smell a lawsuit coming”.

By 2011 Haslam was at the height of his RIP trolling on the “My Telegraph” site. He also became involved in the phone hacking scandal, around this time. With the acquittal of Jonathan Rees, Haslam needed someone or something to blame, opting for the “badly comprised actions of DCS Cook and The Met failing to disclose evidence”. Thanks, Derek, that quote will be handy in April.

December 2011 saw Haslam getting ever greedier, approaching Tom Watson about compensation. The value of his property in Lynn Road, Southery was impacted by his illegality. Hence Liz Truss as a shoulder to cry on.

What of the role Stuart Sampson played alongside Gurpreet Rai?

Now to some questions received –

  1. I don’t know when the documentary on Daniel Morgan is to be aired.
  2. As far as I know Daniel Morgan had no masonic connections.
  3. P.C James (or Jamie) Haslam is indeed with Norfolk Police, alas.

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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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