Dial M for Mosley.

Book deal? If it comes off, one will need an index. Dr Philip Garnett has produced a page which gave me an idea.


Adams, Ray. High ranking officer in the Metropolitan Police, it was his vehicle, stolen by a drunken Derek Haslam, that killed a pedestrian.

Antonowicz, Anton. Journalist, linked tangentally to Southern Investigations.

Beswick, Noel. Misspelled as Bestwick, part of the Daniel Morgan murder cover up.

Blears, Hazel. Labour politician. Ditto.

Bray, David. Colleague and friend of Daniel Morgan, Bray wrote a book recently. I have one of only three copies extant.

Campbell, Douglas. Mishandled the “golden hour” at the “Golden Lion” due to being drunk on duty.

Cook, David. Used supergrasses, withheld vital evidence. Bent cop.

Dalby, Gary. Bent cop who engaged in a shaggathon with Heather Stangoe, Q.C.

Davidson, John. O.J, linked to Haslam when he ejected the half Jamaican at a Norbury Police station Xmas event, when Haslam pestered a married WPC.

Docherty, Andrew. Inveigled to give false evidence against Jonathan Rees by Dave Cook.

Elliott, John “Reg”. Haslam sabotaged his trial.

Fillery, Sid. Took over Daniel Morgan’s place at “Southern Investigations” and had porn planted on his computer by Haslam. Won his appeal at Mitting ruling.

Flint, Leonard. Worked on initial “Golden Lion” murder.

Foley, Peter. Arrested over his supposed part in the Morgan murder. 100% innocent.

Gillard, Michael. Wrote the “Untouchables”, living in hiding due to death threats from disgruntled villains in north London.

Hanrahan, Duncan. Linked to “Southern Investigations”.

Haslam, Derek. He was sent by the Metropolitan Police to infiltrate the Morgan family campaign for justice. Bent ex cop.

Holmes, Alan “Taffy”. Close associate of “Southern Investigations” committed suicide after being blackmailed by Haslam.

I am the poodle of Jonathan Rees (according to Haslam, see above). @interestedhack2.

Jones, Sylvia. Top journalist who wrote definitive article on some of Haslam’s illegal activities.

Jukes, Peter. The Armenian Shakespeare. Latched on to Alasatair Morgan as a means of hitting the big time which has thus far eluded Jukes. Will have a lousy April.

Kingston, Thomas. Part of the “Groovy Gang” who had his trial sabotaged by Haslam.

Leighton, Alec. Linked to “Southern Investigations”.

MacCarthy, Jane. Sister of Daniel Morgan.

Marunchak, Alec. The editor of the Irish “News of the world” links to Ian Hurst.

Mosley, Max. Spanky, links to Jukes.

Nathan, Stephen. Top Q.C.

O’Connell, Terence. “Groovy Gang” he was shafted by HHJ Mitting (Plebgate).

Purvis, Alan. Links to Foley (see above).

Queer goings on (see Haslam).

Rees, Jonathan. Subject of a £140 million series of attempts by plod to frame him for a murder he never committed.

Southern Investigations. Private firm run by Jonathan Rees (see above).

Thorogood, Stephen.

Uganda (see Haslam).

Vian, Dean. Son of Garry.

Vian, Garry. Father of Dean and one of a pair of brothers who were targets for being fitted up alongside Rees.

Vian, Glenn. Brother of Garry.

Vian, Kim. Wife of Glenn.

Vian, Patricia. Mother of Garry and Glenn, partner of Andy Docherty.

Vian, Sharon. Wife of Garry.

Ward, James. Drug taking supergrass and perjurer used by Cook.

Watson, Tom. Labour politician who jumped on the Morgan bandwagon, sent salacious texts to nubile young staffer.

Wood, David. Along with Chris Jarratt handled Haslam when he sabotaged Operation Abelard II.

X. Come one, unless some Spanish guy named Ximenez enters the story who files under letter X?

Yates, John. Bent cop.

Zdrojewski, Richard (Boris). Links to Haslam.

Zinzan, David. Bent cop.

Now for those photos Spanky doesn’t want you to see.



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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now putting the finishing touches to who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987.
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