9 March 1987.

Daniel Morgan was murdered on the night of 10th March, 1987, in the car park of the “Golden Lion” public house, Sydenham. The previous  night he was also at the same pub.

Page 20 of “Untold – the Daniel Morgan murder” by Alastair Morgan and Peter Jukes states that “It was the first time that Daniel and Rees had drunk together at the Golden Lion”.

Page 42 of “Daniel Morgan, Southern Investigations” by David Bray mentions “Daniel was not a regular and did not drink at the Golden Lion. He is only known to have visited the Golden Lion on two separate occasions, the 9th and 10th of March 1987”.

Gillard and Flynn in “The Untouchables” make no mention of the night before the murder. More is coming to light – Daniel Morgan bought drugs for his brother Alastair at the Lion pub, and the motive for the murder is shifting from the Metropolitan Police version touted by Jukes (corruption being uncovered) to the more plausible links Morgan had with the Bonnicci syndicate of Malta, or the jealous spouse line. It was expedient for New Scotland Yard to fit up Jonathan Rees and the Vian brothers, yet £140 million wasted accomplished nothing, save for the largest civil appeal in British legal history, to be heard in April.

Update. Page 23 of “Untold” deals with the night of the murder. “The barmaid saw a man fitting Daniel’s description buy two packets of crisps” and Page 168 of Bray (Chapter 22 entitled “Ladies man”) deals with Day Two of the Morgan inquest. No mention made of the barmaid stating Morgan was bothering her, chatting her up. “Untouchables” omitted this too.

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