MG6D and Jonathan Rees.

The death knell of Cressida Dick’s already shaky career is sounding.

This, plus a “The Times” (paywall) article on how corrupt the Metropolitan Police are, will be certain to ensure that the appeal in three weeks time (the largest in UK civil history) will be a costly defeat for New Scotland Yard, both in terms of finance, in addition to what remains of their shoddy reputation.

Non disclosure of evidence, plus the withholding of proof which could exonerate the innocent, is central to the £140 million debacle that New Scotland Yard engaged in, dating from Daniel Morgan’s murder cover up, in 1987.

No doubt half Jamaican failed EDL candidate and ex psychiatric patient, Derek Haslam, now hiding in Downham Market, Norfolk, will have something to say. A book has already opened on how long the SHAC tout will last “on the numbers”.

10-1 a day

20 -1 two days

30 – 1 less than a week bar.



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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now putting the finishing touches to academic paper on who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987.
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