Francis Willoughby Haslam.

I am going to have to rewrite the opening chapter. Haslam is indeed a slave name (prominent in Trelawny, and Guanaboa Jamaica). However Derek G Haslam’s father, Francis W (also once given as Francis L) was born to a white family in London on 12 Dec 1910. He could not possibly be Derek’s Dad, wrong colour. The only marriage to an Ellen J Stow (born Paddington 6 Sept 1915) was Francis Willoughby Haslam, who lived at 152a Tudor Drive in Morden. Haslam was an horticultural salesman (not as Derek claimed variously an Admiral, or business tycoon). Haslam was in the ARP at the beginning of WW2 before fleeing to Loughborough. Both Derek’s half brothers are white. By 1945 and V.J day the Haslam’s with a baby daughter Maureen are back in the Morden, Putney, Clapham area. In 1947 Derek was born, obviously of mixed race. His Mother had been “friendly” with negro servicemen. More digging needed.


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