Bulmer’s art heist, the role of Dick Ellis.

As we await the ruling in Rees and others versus the Metropolitan Police, let us afford this opportunity to move away from the Daniel Morgan murder cover up, to the rarified atmosphere of fine art. Many high end items were stolen from the Bulmer’s mansion and COPAT (Council for the prevention of art theft) would have been notified. This link raises eyebrows.


Note the 2012 comment alluding to the Gardner art heist in America. Ireland is mentioned and one wonders at the endemic corruption of Irish police, the Garda Siochana/Geisha Sayonara, who regularly supplement their income in border counties by taking bribes from drug dealers.

Meanwhile, Avon and Somers**t police have a leaky case with more holes than a Gruyere.


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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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