Rees & Ors v MPS

The dust is settling over the greatest defeat suffered by Old Bill in legal history, with more to come.

Rees & Ors. v MPC (Final) 05.07.2018

(H/T to Dave Haslam alias Slatfascist. He is not related to Derek, Dave is white).

The role of Mitting in last year’s farcical ruling is central, as is the (mis)use of Eaton as a witness. Det Ch Supt Dave Cook committed malfeasance in public office and has yet to be arrested.

Paragraph 27 mentions Operation Abelard II and the totally corrupt Hampshire Constabulary. Omitted is the fact that Derek Haslam signed statements in two different names and stole documents.

Paragraph 28 and Warner, the “Southern Investigations” company was bugged (again, Haslam did this and admitted such in the Poulton debrief).

Paragraph 35 Andrew Docherty.

Paragraph 37. Det Ch Insp Noel Beswick, omitted is the fact that Det Sgt Dalby was having an affair with prosecutor, Heather Stangoe Q.C.

Malicious prosecution and abuse of process played a huge role in this case, one wonders why David Conn (paid by North Wales Police) and Vikram Dodd (paid by The Met) of the Guardian haven’t covered it. Is it due to New Scotland Yard losing?

Excellent pieces by The Times and Daily Mail.

Finally the Metropolitan Police are whining about paying compensation. They must consider that this is not the end and very damaging revelations are still be be uncovered.


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