Det Ch Supt Dave Cook and Sid Fillery.

Without the tainted testimony of Gary Eaton there would have been no charges brought against ex Det Sgt Sid Fillery. Det Ch Supt Dave Cook’s actions were unlawful regarding using Eaton as a supergrass witness. Five senior judges now concur on Fillery’s innocence, Mitting (Plebgate) alone stands out (why is that?)

The Clown Prosecution Service are looking at a “not in the public interest” line at stopping Dave Cook from being prosecuted. Cook is also trying the mental illness card. Fillery lost his business, a country pub in Norfolk, over the false allegations and malicious actions of Cook. Fillery’s health and family also suffered. Fillery was sent to jail (as an ex policeman, not something to be wished. See Haslam’s fate) 1.

The Department of Professional Standards at the Metrpolitan Police (stop giggling) have a habit of losing evidence which would exonerate the innocent, such as Sid Fillery. Fillery was both a target and victim of Cook. As such, he deserves compensation, along with Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers.

  1. Sarah Hamlin resigned as Deputy Chief Constable of Norfolk and word round the camp fire is that she wisely saw the storm on the horizon.

2. Derek G Haslam of Downham Market, Norfolk, thrown out of Manor of Bensham Lodge 7114, following the suicide of Alan (Taffy) Holmes, is now a worshipful brother in the same lodge as Chief Constable Simon Bailey of Norfolk, plus P.C James A Haslam, King’s Lynn.

3. Derek Haslam was seen “acting furtively and suspiciously next to Fillery’s computer” (witness statement to Goggzilla).

4. Haslam had, and has, a stash of child porngraphy.

5. Bailey is ACPO lead on child pornography.

Why hasn’t Cook been arrested?

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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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  1. Fred Bassett says:

    This is a remarkable case of corruption and cover-up. I am just today letting people know across this side of the water what is going on in the London Met at present. I also have a second part of this story which I will kick in now:-

    The devastated family of Daniel Morgan, a private detective who was found with an axe in his head in 1987, say they have been failed by the system after the case faltered and now want a judicial inquiry.

    Mr Morgan, a father-of-two, was bludgeoned to death in the car park of the Golden Lion pub in Sydenham, South London, in March 1987.

    The case remains one of the longest unsolved murder cases on Scotland Yard’s books and took place against a background of drug dealing and alleged corruption amongst local police officers.

    Sid Fillery, a former Metropolitan Police detective who now lives in Thurne, near Acle, Norfolk, was part of the original Scotland Yard team probing the killing of Mr Morgan who ran the Southern Investigations agency in Thornton Heath, Surrey.

    Mr Fillery, 64, was arrested in April 2008 and charged with perverting the course of justice over allegations that he made a threat to a potential witness.

    But following legal argument at the Old Bailey he was discharged by Mr Justice Maddison in February last year. Mr Fillery, who works at the Lion Inn pub in the Broads village, replied “Thank you my Lord”, but declined to comment following the case.

    And yesterday three defendants, Mr Morgan’s former business partner Jonathan Rees, 56, of Weybridge, Surrey, and his brothers-in-law Garry Vian, 50, who is serving 11 years over drugs and Glenn Vian, 52, of South Croydon, Surrey, were released from the Old Bailey after the case collapsed 24 years after Mr Morgan’s death.

    James Cook, 56, from Surrey, who was initially accused of murder had the case against him dropped last year after supergrass witnesses were discredited.

    The five police inquiries and an inquest, as well as three years of legal hearings, are unofficially estimated at £30 million.

    Detective Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell said after the case: “On behalf of the Metropolitan Police Service, I sincerely apologise to Daniel Morgan’s family and it is with considerable regret that a trial cannot proceed.

    “This current investigation has identified, ever more clearly, how the initial inquiry failed the family and wider public.

    “It is quite apparent that police corruption was a debilitating factor in that investigation. This was wholly unacceptable.

    “This was a difficult decision to have reached and we recognise the severe disappointment this will cause and how deeply upsetting it is to Daniel’s family and friends.”

    Mr Morgan’s brother Alastair, 62, said: “We are devastated. We have been failed utterly by all the institutions designed to protect us. We call upon the Home Secretary now to order a full judicial inquiry into this sorry state of affairs.”

    The judge, Mr Justice Maddison, said he did not know what the result of a trial would have been but said the police had “ample grounds” for arresting and prosecuting the men.

    2nd inclusion: Many questions and very few answers.

    Crimewatch presenter Jacqui Hames suggested today that the News of the World placed her under surveillance because of the paper’s links to suspects in a notorious murder case.
    Former Crimewatch presenter Jacqui Hames arrives to give evidence to the Leveson Inquiry
    Former Crimewatch presenter Jacqui Hames arrives to give evidence to the Leveson Inquiry Photo: GETTY

    1:50PM GMT 28 Feb 2012

    She rejected as ”absolutely pathetic” ex-News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks’s claim that the paper was investigating whether she was having an affair with detective chief superintendent Dave Cook, who was actually her husband.

    Ms Hames, herself a former Scotland Yard detective, fought back tears as she told the Leveson Inquiry of the damaging effect that being followed by private investigators had on her and her marriage.

    The News of the World placed the couple under surveillance after Mr Cook made an appeal on Crimewatch in June 2002 for information about the 1987 murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan, the inquiry into press standards heard.

    Ms Hames alleged that Mr Morgan’s firm Southern Investigations, whose members included suspects in the killing, had ”close links” to senior News of the World news editor Alex Marunchak.

    She said in a statement to the inquiry: ”I believe that the real reason for the News of the World placing us under surveillance was that suspects in the Daniel Morgan murder inquiry were using their association with a powerful and well-resourced newspaper to try to intimidate us and so attempt to subvert the investigation.
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    ”These events left me distressed, anxious and needing counselling, and contributed to the breakdown of my marriage to David in 2010.

    ”Given the impact of these events, I would like to know why the police did not investigate why we came to be placed under surveillance by a newspaper like this.”

    Dick Fedorcio, the Metropolitan Police’s director of public affairs, asked Ms Brooks to explain why Ms Hames and Mr Cook were placed under surveillance.

    The then-News of the World editor said the paper was investigating suspicions they were having an affair, and repeated this explanation at a meeting in 2003.

    Ms Hames said in her statement: “This was utterly nonsensical as we had by then been married for four years, had been together for 11 years and had two children.

    “Our marriage was common knowledge to the extent that we had even appeared together in Hello! magazine.”

    Referring to the efforts to find out information about her and her ex-husband, she added: “I think any reasonable person would find it difficult not to put them together and feel that in some way there was some collusion between people at the News of the World and the people who were suspected of committing the murder of Daniel Morgan.”

    In May 2011 Scotland Yard officers informed Ms Hames that her details had been found in the notebooks of Glenn Mulcaire, a private investigator working for the News of the World who was jailed for phone hacking in 2007.

    The information included her payroll and police warrant numbers, her home address and mobile phone number, and notes about Mr Cook.

    Ms Hames said Mulcaire’s notes were dated July 3 2002, about a week before the News of the World placed her and her husband under surveillance.

    “This demonstrates to me that the News of the World knew full well that I was married to David at the time of the surveillance and thus gives the lie to their explanation for it,” she said in her statement.

    “This information could only have come from one place: my MPS (Metropolitan Police Service) file. I was horrified by the realisation that someone within the MPS had supplied information from my personnel file to Mr Mulcaire, and probably for money.

    “Similarly distressing was the realisation that the MPS had known about these entries in Mr Mulcaire’s notebooks since 2006 but had chosen neither to inform me nor to investigate it adequately.”

    She added that she was serving in a covert intelligence unit on a “highly-sensitive” inquiry about airport security at the time the information about her was leaked to Mulcaire.

    She said: “I have always been loyal to the MPS, but I do feel very let down by this failure to inform or protect me from the unlawful actions of the press.”
    Leveson Inquiry

    The question I ask here is who is actually the real perpetrators in covering up the truth and the murder and the stitch up of innocent people.


  2. Fred Bassett says:

    This may be of interest: The Times

    Elite London Met police investigated for corruption
    Tom Harper, Home Affairs Correspondent

    July 22 2018, 12:01am, The Sunday Times
    A policing source described Operation Embley as the largest police corruption inquiry since the 1970s
    A policing source described Operation Embley as the largest police corruption inquiry since the 1970s

    Scotland Yard is embroiled in the largest police corruption inquiry for 40 years, with 14 officers under investigation for “serious corruption and malpractice” by the police watchdog.

    One of the most senior police chiefs in the country has been caught up in the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) investigation, which is examining allegations that the Metropolitan police’s anti-corruption command secretly covers up misconduct rather than investigating it.

    Three Met whistleblowers have approached the IOPC to allege that the unit, known as the Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS), has shielded police officers who faced allegations of child abuse, grooming, fraud, physical assault, racism — and, in the case of one police officer, intentionally driving a motorcycle into a member of the public.

    Fred here. Just reading the above. In a couple of weeks we have Drew Harris, Deputy Constable RUC, with contacts with the London Met, Scotland Yard, MI5, MI6 and the rest, Drew will be coming down to fit on the uniform of the highest rank in the Republic of Ireland, for policing. Now, one could laugh all day, and think of Clousseau and the Pink Panther but this is serious and it is like a game of chess, the cost alone of protection for Harris will be a burden on the Irish taxpayers. But the real concern for many people down here, including the few honest Irish coppers, is where Harris will forward his allegiance to. Did anybody ever try and wash the stripes off a Zebra? Have a go. The above in relation to London is not just serious; it is sinister and yet like here in the Republic the cover-ups and the corruption continues.


    • Also Det Con Derek Haslam killed a pedestrian while drunk driving in Cdr Ray Adam’s “borrowed” vehicle. Sixty quid fine, Horseferry Magistrates. Drew Harris? Same Drew Harris who with Garda Siochana/Geisha Sayonara colluded in the assassination of Eddie Fullerton?

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