Jacqueline Elizabeth Hames

Six years ago the former Mrs Dave Cook made a statement.

Click to access Witness-Statement-of-Jacqueline-Hames.pdf

Let us examine it. Only on page 13 (para 30) does it concern Morganologists. Paragraph 31 mentions ex Det Sgt Sid Fillery but omits that he immediately left the initial Daniel Morgan murder inquiry, when he disclosed a personal connection to Jonathan Rees, who managed to defeat New Scotland Yard at the Court of appeal recently, so no sour grapes from The Met there, then.

Para 32. Operation Abelard II and the exoneration of Jon Rees and others by Hampshire Police. Also omitted is the infiltration and sabotage of the operation by Derek Haslam, now hiding in the Downham Market, Norfolk area, where his son James A Haslam works in the police.

Para 33. Bugging of “Southern Investigations”. In the “Poulton debrief” Haslam admits to be told to gain the trust of Jon Rees and Sid Fillery and to plant a bug/listening device to pick up any discussion of Morgan’s murder. The plot failed, but a custody battle between Mrs Kim James and her estranged husband, alluded to a conversation on drugs. As with John (Reg) Elliott the police planted drugs, then proceeded to “fit up” the innocent.

Para 34. Hames mentions “intelligence” but not whether it was Grade A,B,C or D (basically pub gossip).

Para 35. Hames denies an affair with a senior detective.

Para 37. Alex Marunchak. Marunchak links to Ian Hurst, who claimed to be the handler of “Stakeknife”, Hurst was not, he now runs a far from legal service in Bolton.

Para 39. Marunchak connects with Dick Fedorcio, both of Ukrainian parentage.

Para 40. Hames plays “the mental card” as does her ex spouse Dave Cook and ex psychiatric patient and half Jamaican police informant Haslam.

How long before Cook is arrested? Pressure grows.


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