Very dodgy, FBME.

How is your Bahasa Malay?

Bottom line is that there are rumblings concerning the FBME which you may recall Alec Leighton exposed as a money laundering outfit. The stats here for Cyprus have been clicking over quite nicely.

Any connection to James Ibori? The Nigerian chap who was implicated in all sorts of less than legal acts. Derek G Haslam is half Nigerian. His wife Susan laundered money via Santander in Ely. Small time.


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  1. Fred Bassett says:

     This is most serious, F.


    So much has been written and posted about the North Frederick Street protest and the now infamous ex-Greater Manchester Police van (GMP) that carried the Northern eviction team to Dublin City Centre to carry out an equally infamous audacious act, one that has gained such notoriety that it was surprisingly even mentioned by mainstream media – albeit through gritted teeth in some sections of the Dennis O’Brien led media.

    So the question is: Have we been lied to by the Gardaí as to whether the vehicle was road legal i.e. taxed, insured and MOT’d? The plain answer is yes, we have!


    In my journalistic capacity I contacted the DVLA in Swansea today and enquired with them as to whether there was any record of a vehicle with a registration plate bearing the number MX 06 WGA and the answer came back as – Yes there is!

    -I then enquired if this vehicle had been or is currently taxed according to their records and the answer came back as – “No it isn’t, not since 2014!” –

    -I then also enquired if this vehicle was insured according to their records and the answer came back as – “No it isn’t!”

    -I then further enquired if this vehicle had a current MOT and the answer came back as –” No it doesn’t!”

    -I made further enquiries with another department and checked to see if the vehicle is still owned and registered to the Greater Manchester Police force and the answer came back as – “ No, it was sold at auction in Manchester and there is no updated records since the sale, sir!”

    “The Mercedes Sprinter van had been used by our police in the Clayton Brook area which is north of Manchester and was effectively scrapped due to its age and condition. Have you seen it in use on a public road, sir?”

    But just to make sure, I then had a look at the checkable public information that is available on the DVLA website and obtained exactly the same information, as seen in the screen shots that I took from the site.


    According to An Garda Siochana and I quote; “It is also understood that the absence of a registration plate on the van they used was a security measure to ensure that identifying factors were not present on the vehicle.” Unquote.

    So let’s forget about the HUGE Greater Manchester police chevrons emblazoned across the whole of one side of the van as well as the rear plate with the laughingly more than obvious MX06 WGA registration that negated the incredibly ridiculous statement put forward as the reason for the missing front registration plate.

    The lesson here being to treat everything that comes out of a Garda press release or press statement with a huge pinch of salt when it comes to telling porkies about those that it really wants to protect as against those whom it is obliged to protect – Its own citizens!

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