Kerbstone, the MI5 running of Scappaticci and “Stakeknife”.

Greetings to American readers, joining from Nevada. Now to something which I have been keeping an eye on for several years, it links tangentally with the Daniel Morgan murder cover up. Scappaticci was initially given the code name “Kerbstone“, as verified by Wilsey, who was in charge of the British army in Ulster. After Scappaticci was outed, a former Sergeant in the Intelligence Corps (who used the pseudonym Capt James Rennie of SAS) began to make money – and at the behest of MI5 – to promote the use of “Stakeknife” as the code name for a highly placed informer.

Scappaticci fled Belfast for Manchester (given its large Irish population an asinine choice) then Tenerife (a chav paradise, ditto) and finally his ancestral village near Monte Cassino. Liam Clarke reinvented the erstwhile Sergeant Ian Hurst as “Martin Ingram” and also gave his side kick Peter Keeley the pseudonym “Kevin Fulton”. All were and are on MI5‘s payroll, Hurst especially rakes in the money with a dodgy company which sells folks information @iTraceUK. Hurst, based in Bolton, has property in St Nexans, France and Castelferro, Spain.

Hurst connects to the “ringer” sent in to derail the Daniel Morgan inquiry and plant bugs in Southern Investigation, ex psychiatric patient and ex Det Con, Derek G Haslam now hiding out in Downham Market, Norfolk, pictured below, odd he was on TV is in witness protection.

More to come on this, but to wrap up for today, keep an eye on Newcastle Crown Court where “Nick/Carl” appears on charges dealing with his false allegations in the disastrous “Operation Midland” his identity now outed, he is truly beached. Finally I hope that there are “too many names” to keep up with, poor Vonny has trouble with this, maybe I ought to contact Beck Primary School, Sheffield?


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