Murder of Daniel Morgan – Ciaran Goggins and the Opperman report.

Greetings to the new American, German, Polish, Canadian and Chinese readers who are now on “Goggzilla“. Ed Opperman interviewed me about what is happening with the Daniel Morgan murder cover up.


A few points – the Belmont car auction robbery was 18 March 1986, almost a year before the murder on 10 March 1987, the insurance company took eleven months to sort out the claim.

Malta – the repossession was 2 February 1987, just over a month before the murder. On that note this is an interesting article.

Will plod give me the £50,000 reward now?

Finally, to clarify, the acquaintance of Jonathan Rees, who planted the bug at “Southern Investigations” is none other than Derek Gordon Haslam, now hiding in the Downham Market region, Norfolk. He was not in the Metropolitan Police after October 1989 when he quit due to psychiatric illness.

About Ciaran Goggins

Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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