Philip Campbell Smith and Stakeknife.

On my return from Belfast today, I was asked about Philip Campbell Smith and the hacking of Derek G Haslam, now in hiding near Ryston, Norfolk. “Martin Ingram” came under scrutiny over his (Ian Hurst) lies concerning Stakeknife (Hurst never handled Steak Knife). Haslam became paranoid about his computer being attacked, which is odd, as Hurst has a side line in such things (indeed, Bolton based Hurst is still on MI5’s payroll).

Hurst connects closely to Kevin Fulton/Peter Keeley now in London.

Haslam and Hurst both used each other, and now seem ready to sell out each other. Mr Campbell Smith may have worked for Alex Marunchak but it was in a totally legal sense.

About Ciaran Goggins

Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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