Alan “Taffy” Holmes suicide plus Det Supt Neil Hibberd.

The great thing about writing this blogge is that one can discern where certain main stream journalists are going. The recent scandal surrounding Det Supt Neil Hibbert and his framing of Ali Babitu Kololo is one aspect. Thing is, Kenya still has the death sentence. Oh well, Neil, dead men can’t complain, eh?

That brings us on to the death of Alan “Taffy” Holmes and its’ impact on the whole Daniel Morgan murder cover up. Alastair Morgan and Peter Jukes have been trying to make tenuous links with Holmes association to Daniel Morgan. After an exhaustive trawl nothing came up to support the theory that Morgan was murdered as he was to expose massive police corruption and a huge drugs import.

The genesis of the “Miami vice” story, and it is literally a story, is the person who drove Holmes to kill himself, Jukes sole source, Derek G Haslam, now hiding in Downham Market, Norfolk. Haslam put Holmes under immense pressure and as a result, in his suicide note, Holmes blamed Haslam. Haslam fled London for Norfolk, hardly the actions of an innocent man (think Scappaticci for Irish readers). P.C Jamie Haslam is currently working for Norfolk Police, King’s Lynn.


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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now putting the finishing touches to academic paper on who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987.
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