Mitting, core participant status of J Rees, G Vian and S Fillery.

A major breakthrough in the case of Jonathan Rees has occurred, with regard to the “Spycops” inquiry. One of the key issues is the role of Det Supt Dave Wood. He was closely involved with hiring and paying ex psychiatric patient and “CHIS” Derek G Haslam, who was paid, though not a member of, the Metropolitan Police – therefore an employee.

One must also examine the role of Det Ch Supt Chris Jarratt (Worboys rape case) and the legal issues surrounding the use of Haslam in criminal activity (not only Southern Investigations but also fitting up SHAC activists, Thurnscoe ex miners.

We now move on to the debrief of C. Little, Joe Poulton.

Poulton debrief

In this, Haslam “verbals himself up” by boasting of his part in framing the innocent and is linked to selling details of Maxine Carr. Haslam’s son, P.C Jamie (or James) Haslam, stationed at King’s Lynn, has access to the PNC and passes his Father details.

By not going to the erstwhile Fleet Street, it can rightly be said that Jon Rees played a part in not identifying Carr and saved her life.

Haslam boasted of his payment, as can be seen in the Poulton debrief and letter to Truss.

haslam letter to mp

Turning to the important matter of veracity. Haslam never told the truth, whereas top private detective Alec Leighton has always done so – see the FMBE posts and related material.

Finally a look at Kim James and the CCRC. I hope to meet with the CCRC later this year to discuss aspects of Mr Rees’ wrongful conviction.

It’s enough to make one force New Scotland Yard to pay for an apartment in East Cheam.



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