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IRA double agent Stakeknife, William Ramsey and Ciaran Goggins.

I had the great honour and pleasure of doing a podcast with Californian lawyer, William Ramsey. Stakeknife was undoubtedly Scappaticci and also responsible for ensuring that assassinations directed ultimately by MI5/MI6 went ahead. Post ceasefire (1994) an industry has grown … Continue reading

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Alex Marunchak and Operation Kenova.

Some points to bear in mind for tomorrow. Margaret Keeley, wife of Peter Keeley (alias Kevin Fulton) claimed to be on the run for her life, while Scappaticci (Stakeknife) was after her. She was working quite openly, at the Buttercrane … Continue reading

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Stakeknife – Operation Kenova, Scappaticci and Fulton/Keeley.

We return to Northern Ireland for today’s blog post, with developments in the Stakeknife case. What are the RUC/PSNI and MI5/MI6 hiding? How deep does collusion with the Garda Siochana/Free State Police go? Especially after the Gardai set up … Continue reading

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Jake Arnott, Bent Coppers and wrong on Alan “Taffy” Holmes.

How could I have missed this? Well, being in England didn’t help, as I was too busy to log on to a computer. The BBC (stop giggling) aired a documentary on the worthy topic of Metropolitan Police corruption. The thing … Continue reading

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“Bullshire Strikes Back” and Insp Brian Sheeran, update.

The greatest enemy of the police, is their propensity to go online, then attack any and all critics. There is a particular site “Bullshire Strikes Back” which deliberately targets anyone who is an anti police corruption maven. What is the … Continue reading

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Nasty Det Con Caroline Linfoot, and a cast of thousands.

Goggzilla is being asked about Det Con Linfoot of Hounslow and other corrupt police. Such as Det Sgt Danny Dwyer and especially Det Insp Noel Beswick. Readers may recall Det Ch Supt Fiona McCormack and Crategate, whereby evidence of the … Continue reading

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“Spycops” and definitions of who are police.

A temporary set back for the campaign to obtain justice for Jonathan Rees, Glenn Vian and Sid Fillery yesterday. One did not hold out much hope that Lord “Plebgate“Mitting would observe the legal definition of core participant status for Messer … Continue reading

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Wrongful imprisonment, Victor Nealon and Sam Hallam.

A couple of years ago at a conference I had the honour and pleasure of meeting Vic Nealon. The recent Supreme Court ruling could lead to the UK losing yet another case at Strasbourg. Click to access uksc-2016-0227-judgment.pdf Paragraphs … Continue reading

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Vindicated – Alec Leighton and FBME bank.

Xinhua published an interesting article and one that tangentally hits on some dark goings on at New Scotland Yard. The Central Bank of Cyprus has been found innocent of any corruption connected to the Saab brothers FBME bank. The … Continue reading

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