Alex Marunchak and Operation Kenova.

Some points to bear in mind for tomorrow. Margaret Keeley, wife of Peter Keeley (alias Kevin Fulton) claimed to be on the run for her life, while Scappaticci (Stakeknife) was after her. She was working quite openly, at the Buttercrane shopping mall in Newry, not far from where I am typing this.

We need to examine the role of Alex Marunchak (and his associates in the British police) also. Marunchak pushed forward Ian Hurst and Peter Keeley’s bizarre and false notions that they had anything to do with Stakeknife. It became a money spinner, a cash cow.

The ever excellent Hush Hush in the “Phoenix” magazine this week alludes to what is happening with the RUC/PSNI

Paywall, alas. This quote will shed light on much of the surrounding story.

“Op Kenova has spoken with Greg Harkin + Martin Ingram re allegations made in their book Stakeknife, that Francisco Notarantonio was murdered to protect agent ‘Stakeknife’. Both have stated they neither have information or knowledge to support these allegations.”

Will Ian Hurst and his shabby cronies soon dance the Tyburn jig?


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