If you see Sid, tell him.

Goggzilla loves it when a plan comes together. The last post did indeed get a fact wrong, Douglas Campbell, not Hamish Campbell, was the senior investigator on the night of the Daniel Morgan murder. The rest stands though, Hamish is indeed a corrupt cop. Look at what was flushed out however, a comment from Derek G Haslam.

Using a Tor router (which came via Norfolk Police, where his equally bent son James A Haslam works) Derek Haslam used a fake e-mail address for Sid Fillery. Haslam Senior threatened to sue Goggzilla on a weekly basis. With the fate of DCS Dave Cook looming, it is time to look at Haslam, used by Cook to bug “Southern Investigations” among other illegal activities.

Haslam attempted to blackmail a couple, using the alias “Sue Shack”. In the early days of “My Telegraph” (which he never made the Beta cut for) Haslam used “Sigourd Shack” for one of his accounts (when not RIP trolling).

Haslam also planted porn on Fillery’s computer, Haslam was ordered to leave “Manor of Bensham 7114” lodge over his part in Alan “Taffy” Holmes suicide. The half Jamaican Haslam is now growing ever more afraid, not only do animal rights activists wish to find out where in Downham Market he is hiding but his erstwhile bosses in the Metropolitan Police are woke up to his being an expensive liability instead of an asset. A situation which Haslam brought on himself a decade ago. Plod delenda est.



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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching biggest private prosecution in UK legal history.
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