Cook the crook, Det Ch Supt Dave Cook, liar.

The main charge against disgraced ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook is that he is a proven perjurer. This does not seem to exercise the Crown Prosecution Service. Cook denied making no more than half a dozen phone calls, at most, to Gary Eaton, an unstable drug addict, whom the police used as the main witness in the Daniel Morgan murder investigations.

Cook refused to hand over his phone records to HHJ Maddison, Cook had made several hundred calls to Eaton. The CPS ignored this obvious lie from Cook. Eaton said “My Father is dead” and was proven to be lying, the CPS glossed over this. There was a 40 minute phone call from Cook to Eaton. Now to the CPS and Sid Fillery. The “evidence” Eaton gave was thirteen words, spoken a quarter of a century earlier, there was no other evidence. We have proof of Cook’s mendacity.

Maddison was critical of Cook, as were Mitting and McCombe. Not only did Cook lie but he has been caught out in a lie. Eaton was unable to name the Vian Brothers, he claimed that Garry was “Scott”. The history of police corruption in the Daniel Morgan murder investigations is notoriously well known. The CPS opined that “there is insufficient evidence” to charge Cook for perverting the course of justice. As with the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel, New Scotland Yard face a bleak outcome – a massive compensation bill and a ruined reputation.

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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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4 Responses to Cook the crook, Det Ch Supt Dave Cook, liar.

  1. Pete Anthony says:

    Have you read Untold or spoken to Alistair Morgan

    • Of course I have read Untold, I am not some Det Con who is semi literate. The thing about Untold is that it is basically a Metropolitan Police press hand out. Jukes and Al Morgan were duped, I initially had some contact with Al but he has now painted himself into a corner – his so called pal sold him out and is now hiding in Norfolk. Which brings me to Operation Abelard II and stolen documents. Hampshire plod are sooooo corrupt, n’est pas? Wish I could find a sympathetic Magistrate to chat to about it.

  2. Pete Anthony says:

    Ciaran, me neither, just disaffected.
    Do you feel that all of Untold is to coin a phrase is basically fiction. What Alistair and his family heard and saw and gleaned not just from the Met and others was fed to them. The listening devices which picked up admissions and the common knowledge that Sid was as bent as a nine bob note. (His retirement one day and miraculous healing the next to take up a position in a certain investigations agency). So who was responsible for the act ? suggestions please.
    I fear your hope for a sympathetic magistrate will remain just that. Pathetic maybe, as instructed by HMG to ‘Free them all’ and therefore too busy to chat.

    • Dear P, Forgive me for being snappy yesterday. Huge pile of sundry death threats to sift through. Now to the nitty gritty. Untold as fiction? Perhaps, it is a narrative and one that is being promulgated by New Scotland Yard. We need to look further at the bugging, known to be a role given to ex Det Con Derek G Haslam, who planted child porn from his own stash on Sid’s computer. As to Mr Fillery’s integrity that is another topic. Who did the murder? Either a cuckolded spouse such as “Aussie Paul” who was known to have an axe, or the Bonnicci drugs syndicate of Malta. Magistrates don’t free them all in King’s Lynn;)

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