Ever decreasing circles – Daniel Morgan Independent Panel.

A quick blogge post today as I hurriedly pack. Nick Hurd and Sajid Javid are running scared over the compensation implications of Det Ch Supt Dave Cook’s criminality.


The publicity battle has been lost, with a host of dirty tricks going on in the background to stifle the truth.

Cressida Dick is playing into her opponents hands, an awful image if ever there was one. Metropolitan Police delenda est. Time for some heads to roll at New Scotland Yard.

Update. Came across Simon Jack and his podcast “The Press, the police, the politicians and their public”.


Cut the first six minutes until the dulcet tones of Jacqui Hames. The surveillance of her and her husband, Det Ch Supt Dave Cook, was legitimate (as borne out by LLJ McCombe, King, Mitting, Maddison and Coulson ).

Leveson 2 never got off the ground as putative “witnesses” were proven liars – Ian Hurst (Stakeknife) and Peter Jukes (Morganology). Also, using John Ford (12.00) is risible. Odd that the CPS went to court over phone hacking but prosecuting Dave Cook is “not in the public interest”.

Lord Brian Paddick, Liberal peer who is working on anonymity for rape trial defendants, is 20.00 – he is scathing over Surrey Police.

Finally, Gordon Brown being hacked – legitimate, as he was in a dodgy property deal.


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