Death in Belfast – the Scappaticci myth.

The excellent “Hush Hush” on page 7 of the latest edition of the “Phoenix” magazine has nailed it, concerning the fog surrounding the murder of Francis Notarantonio, plus related matters.

Much hinges of the date that Freddie Scappaticci was stood down by the Provisional IRA. Michael Brentnall, a human rights legal maven, has put John Boutcher of Operation Kenova infamy on the hot spot.

The final nail in the reputation of Ian Hurst (Martin Ingram) is the disclosure that the FRU had nothing to do with the Notarantonio assassination as “fiction”. With Hurst’s credibility at zero, one must now look to his dwindling coterie of supporters. Liam Clarke, a paid shill for MI5, is dead, leaving very few to white knight for Hurst.

Our Angolan correspondent asked about Hurst’s connection to Qu’ran burning Insp Brian Sheeran of Greater Manchester Police. One hears it is to do with illegal bets on illegal dog fights. In conclusion, for today, discomfort grows around the question – who murdered Eddie Fullerton?

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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching biggest private prosecution in UK legal history.
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