Gary and Keima, full story and pics.

Keima Payton and Gary Eaton up a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g, as schoolkids might sing. Well, after Heather Stangoe’s dalliance affair with Det Sgt Gary Dalby are we shocked by anything allied to Metropolitan Police corruption? Keima Payton was the solicitor brought in by New Scotland Yard to coach supergrass and drug addict Eaton during ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook’s disastrous and expensive attempt to frame Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers for the murder of Daniel Morgan.

This, from Sept 2006. Police “Would you recognise the (Vian) brothers, Gary?” Reply “Yes”. Police “We need to get that in sometime, Keima”.

Another naughty girl is ex Dept Supt Fiona McCormack, BEM, MSc (use of post nominal letters suggests an inferiority complex. I’ll see your M.Sc and raise you an M.Litt). Fiona you may recall from such PR debacles as the Grenfell fire and Crategate, when crates of evidence that could exonerate Rees and the Vian brothers went “missing”. Fiona is now heading Crimestoppers.

The final naughty girl is Det Con Caroline Linfoot. See Goggzilla passim.

Whilst on the topic of solicitors coaching witness in a highly illegal manner, focus on supergrass Kevin Garner. Garner dates back to R v Harris, Howell and May, and was mentioned in Gillard’s “The Untouchables” – dealing with the Hector Harvey case. Garner’s solicitor was replaced by Chris “Worboys” Jarratt with the more pliable Clark and Co. Also along for the fitting up was Martin Bridger (Operation Tempura and the Sunshine squad, Cayman islands).

When Bridger was shown the letter his reply was “Oh, I forgot”.

A Drug Trafficking Statement in Garner’s name had already been typed up in order to pressure Garner into implicating the innocent.

It is enough to vex Klaus Hargreeves, Number Four. Had a nice note from WordPress, it is this blawg’s seventh anniversary.

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