And Cheema-Grubb makes six.

My take on the recent “Private Eye” page 39 piece. Page 40 has a good piece on Gurpal Virdi a whistle blower.

“The Metropolitan Police has been ordered to pay £150,000 punitive damages to three men for the egregious and shameful behaviour of the senior detective who fitted them up for the notorious murder of Daniel Morgan in 1987. High court judge Mrs Cheema-Grubb said former Det Ch Supt Dave Cook had suborned the evidence of Gary Eaton, a mentally unstable supergrass (AND DRUG ADDICT) and falsely presented him as an eyewitness to the murder scene.

Jonathan Rees, Morgan’s business partner, and Glenn and Garry Vian were immediate murder suspects, but during five police investigations costing more than £50 million (TRY £140 MILLION) no clear evidence was produced of their guilt. Without Cook’s deliberate and cynical manipulation of Eaton there was no basis to lat murder charges against the trio in 2008, said the judge as she awarded Rees and Glenn Vian £104,000 and Garry Vian £104,00 sums that included £50,000 in punitive damages.

In a damning written judgement, she said Cook had repeatedly been warned about his behaviour and had misled superior officer – Axiomatically honest belief in guilt cannot justify prosecuting a suspect on false evidence – there is no place for noble cause justification for corrupt practices in those trusted to uphold the law”.

Cheema-Grubb is the sixth senior judge since 2011 when the murder trial collapsed, to condemn Cook for perverting the course of justice. But for reasons best known to the CPS the former detective seems to have escaped justice.

Last November prosecutors said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute him. Rees appealed pointing out that one of his co-defendants Sid Fillery a former Met detective who had briefly investigated the Morgan murder had been charged with perverting the course of justice based solely on Eaton’s tainted words. After the trial collapsed, Fillery was awarded £100,000 including punitive damages.

But on 13th June the CPS again ruled out charged saying that Cook’s conduct didn’t reach the high level of culpability calculated to injure the public interest and so as to call for condemnation and punishment. That reasoning was flatly contradicted by Cheema-Grubb when he awarded damages against the police designed to punish and deter others from misconduct which was, she concluded a particularly gross breach of public trust”

Two errors – Eaton was a mentally ill drug addict and the cost thus far is £140 million. Apart from that, quite accurate.


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