P.C Jamie A Haslam of King’s Lynn and death in custody of Mr Higgins.

Britain has the worst record in Europe of deaths in custody. For those of us who are passionate about such things, plus mental health, the final moments of Chris Higgins make harrowing reading.

He was then restrained by police using CS gas, put in a martial arts restraint hold, hit several times with a baton, and then left in handcuffs and leg braces, surrounded for some time by police officers, with no mental health staff present for some 30 minutes.*

The last person to speak to Mr Higgins was P.C James (or Jamie) Haslam who lives in the the Downham Market area, but works in King’s Lynn. His sister, Lindsey Eastwood, is a hospital cleaner, at the location where Mr Higgins died, or was murdered. Haslam bragged about “getting a nutter” soon before Mr Higgins death. When the topic was raised with Chief Constable Simon Bailey, of Norfolk, all knowledge of the death in custody was denied.

Haslam and Bailey are both in the same affinity lodge of “worshipful brothers”.

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