Vonny Watts (Jean Hatchet) and CCRC update.

As a former “vociferous spokesman” for the Ched Evans campaign I take a keen interest in false rape allegations, hence my recent visit to England. With this in mind, I am writing this blawgge post concentrating on miscarriages of justice, obviously, the Daniel Morgan murder fiasco, and mostly, for today, outing an ex Tory Cllr (Fulwood), “Jean Hatchet” born Yvonne Leslie Browes, Dec 1966, in Yorkshire, mothers maiden name Spalding. Vonny married Dave Fiddament and was soon divorced, this was around the time of a 30 month sentence for embezzlement.

Vonny then married Richard Watts of “Ironbridge Engineering” whom she falsely accused of rape and assault. Divorced again, she is now Yvonne (Vonny) Radstone of Lady Manner’s school, Bakewell (English Dept, don’t laugh). As to her political life – Vonny Watts was a hard line Tory, supporting George Osbourne (all this has been legally cleared and is in the public domain, Joani et al, take note).

Vonny ditched the Conservatives to join Labour, but left when she could not become Prime Minister after a month. Then she went to the “Women’s Equality Party” soon wearing out her TERF welcome. With the Ched Evans campaign came fame, but fame on her terms, she was desperate not to be identified. The money came rolling in, a huge tide, some of which was creamed off.

Lately we have been regaled by the “cancer” story. I am posting an image, as it is copyrighted “Jean Hatchet” and that person doesn’t exist, I am quite happy to be sued. Please. Perhaps Rachel Whoreman could do it?

Finally, the prosecution line in the Kim James case looks as if it will come apart. The CCRC couldn’t go into many details, but the future looks grim for a certain proven perjurer, an ex Det Con in Downham Market (a pal of Vonny). Now excuse me as I have paperwork to finish before tomorrow, hat tip to N in Surrey. Mwah.


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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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