Avon & Somerset Police, Bulmer’s art theft and Jonathan Rees.

I have returned from a fruitful trip to Belfast, to see that Michael Gillard has penned an article for the wonderful “Bristol Cable”. However, he has some lacunae, Jonathan Rees was, indeed, the main suspect in the Daniel Morgan murder case, but after many abortive attempts, the Metropolitan Police were shown up to be perjurers, corrupt and mendacious, in extremis.

Would one describe Mr Rees as “notorious”? Certainly not, he has been proven to be innocent. New Scotland Yard got together with Avon and Somers*t Police to try and fit up Jonathan Rees, they failed.

Avon and Somerset police to be sued over botched art heist investigation

The Daniel Morgan “Independent” Panel is farcical, Baroness O’Loan is known to be linked to Wood, a bent cop, and others such as ex Det Ch Supt Dave “Suicidal” Cook, also known as Mr Jacqui Hames.

Finally Cheema-Grubb is referenced, same one who was involved in the recent Alison Chabloz case. Innocent whistle.

A top tip, don’t bother selling any life insurance to Ian Hurst.

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