Rebecca Muldoon killing, Solly Nahome murder and P.C Jamie Haslam of Norfolk.

Paul Muldoon’s wife died in mysterious circumstances in Marbella two years ago. Rebecca Muldoon (nee Foakes) originally from Essex, was found dead and “rumours swirled” as to whether she was murdered. Far from unambiguous was the demise of Solly Nahome. Half Jamaican ex Det Con Derek Haslam is a notorious anti semite and gloated about Nahome being killed, Haslam alluded to it in his debrief (Goggzilla, passim).

Excellent article by Mr Austin, of course, this blogge was the first to publish the unredacted edition of Operation Tiberius. New Scotland Yard are far from happy. To conclude for today, will Chief Constable Simon Bailey be able to collect his massive pension? His minion, P.C James Haslam was involved in the death in custody of Chris Higgins, but recently illegally accessed the PNC. Details of I.P log ins have just been given to a noted Q.C.

Time to visit Downham Market?


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