CPS failures and culpability over DCS Dave Cook (plus Nikolaus Chrastny)

Det Sgt Jack Kelly was “a bag man for Jarratt”. I spent most of today going over a decade of e-mails and some evidence which can now be placed in the public domain. Irish readers will be thrilled that Operation Millipede and Ian “Walter Mitty” Hurst loom large. As does Tony Block, solicitor, and the framing of Mr Elliot.

I must have dozed off at some point, going through the Hurst file, as I note that Mark Lewis was his legal representative. Hurst bragged about his links to the Israeli secret service but ought to have kept quiet, G2 will be far from happy about certain revelations.

On to ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook, with news that he was arrested twice (once in April 2013) by Thames Valley Police. Thames Valley leak like a sieve. Will Yasser Mahmood of the CPS care to clarify how, then why Cook did not meet the threshold for evidence? Gregory and the rest of the CPS “clearly failed to investigate the allegations of criminality of Cook”. Except they are not allegations, they are true. We could ask the list of corrupt police, far from exhaustive, below.

Martin Bridger

Andy Hayman

Derek G Haslam

Chris Jarratt

John Stevens

Dave Woods

John Yates.

Funny, that five judges found that Jonathan Rees, the Vian brothers, plus others, had been fitted up, but the CPS could not concur.

Looking at Baroness Winterbourne (Emma Nicolson) and the “Amar trust” why is Major Antony Watkins-Burton cropping up as a director? Why did Watkins-Burton obtain a diplomatic passport? Have Watkins-Burton’s links to bent HMRC operations further implications?

After wading though hundreds of pages of semi literate spooge I came across the whole “Miami vice” subplot of the Daniel Morgan murder cover up. Peter Jukes makes much of “Clanski” (or Kranski) as Haslam scrawled, however, as with most of the statements of the half West Indian, ex psychiatric patient, it is a misspelling (Derek was bullied at school, for his mixed race identity, in addition to having a sub normal IQ). It is of course Nikolaus Chrastny.

Odd that one of the most high profile cocaine smugglers in British history escaped Dewsbury police station, but then, West Yorkshire Police are notoriously bent.

Another high profile case is that of Maxine Carr. Haslam’s wife, Susan (nee Probert) worked for Bradford & Bingley, and had access to Carr’s new identity and payments, which were passed to the MSM illegally. Almost as bad as Haslam stealing a photo of Prince William and trying to flog that (love to Brian, in Gresham Close).

Then there is Durham Constabulary, Haslam used his alias “Joe Poulton” and tried to screw over a firm of private investigators. Haslam was used as undercover whilst sabotaging court cases. Finally, do not waste any pity on Haslam, he brought about his own downfall.

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