Operation Millipede and Ian Hurst.

Going to open this with an examination of Ian Hurst’s link to Mark Lewis. Or, to put it another way, how Irish Special Branch onanists such as Det Con McCormack got cozy up with Mossad. Mortgage fraudster Hurst eluded the “Bank of Ireland” thus far.

Then on to the Bloody Sunday tribunal demolition of Ian Hurst, and his “reliability” as a witness. New readers might learn from Hurst being dubbed “Martin Ingram”.

Perhaps Steffan Williams of the Greater Manchester Police would be interested? Operation Millipede indeed. Now to Kingston Crown Court and a Section 9 statement (redacted for now).

Selling me out was bad enough, Hurst, but you were foolish enough to sell out someone close to me – on that note, how are Mr and Mrs Joshua Ainscough? Happy Ramadan.

Ian Hurst is close to Derek “Judas Rat” Haslam, trial and tribulation as they say in Jamaica.

147.270 - We are of the view that Martin Ingram to a substantial degree
exaggerated the importance of his role at HQNI and his level of
knowledge and access to intelligence. 

148.81 - Martin Ingram gave confused accounts in the course of his
evidence about the intelligence that he said he saw. 

148.84 - We formed the view that Martin Ingram had, at best, an
imperfect recollection of events and that it would be unwise to rely
upon his evidence.

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