Daniel Morgan murder, and “Operation Kenova”.

This is quite a good take down of Ian Hurst (Martin Ingram) and the shady demi monde of collusion in Ireland.

MI5 high steaks: The Kenova investigation could nail Scappaticci for perjury so why did Smithwick pay his legal bills?

Hurst is a proven liar and a main source for Peter “the Armenian Shakespeare” Jukes. There is a link to the Daniel Morgan murder via bugging. Alex Marunchak was a Rupert Murdoch employee who used “Southern Investigations” which was bugged at the behest of New Scotland Yard.

The BBC worked with both Hurst and Keeley to obtain the doorstep filming of Alex Marunchak at his home – Hurst and Keeley hacked Marunchak by placing a mobile phone tracker in the chassis of his car and then following the signal back to its regular, stationary position, usually the house of the target – Hurst then has some way of discovering all the ISP addresses in the relevant street and proceeds to hack the relevant PC – usually by sending a email from a bogus building firm or the like. The target opens the attachment and the Trojan is in. In other words, Hurst has been doing and does do still what he did in the British army.

The collusion aspect is uncomfortable for the Garda Siochana/Geisha Sayonara given their part in the murder of Eddie Fullerton. Nairac’s role in the “dirty war” is being occluded, as is the culpability of Freddie Scappaticci (Stakeknife). The entire “Operation Kenova” enterprise appears to be discreditted.

Cherchez l’argent, as with the Daniel Morgan “Independent” Panel a great deal of tax payers money (£140 million) has been squandered and wasted, yet the Metropolitan Police quibble over compensation of £3.9 million to Jonathan Rees and the Vian brothers, in a massive miscarriage of justice. Looming legal action concerning disgraced ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook could focus the aptly named Cressida Dick’s mind. Hurst is still on the MI5 payroll.


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