Viewers gripped by “Murder in the car park” Channel 4?

I shall begin this summation of Episode One with minor lucunae – the crisps were Ready Salted not Prawn and Cheese with Onion. A minor consideration, but it bodes ill for Adam Wishart and Bruce Goodison, as these facts are in the public domain. (Untouchables. Untold and David Bray’s book).

Now to a more substantive issue, that of the Golden Hour. The documentary depicted Douglas Campbell having a scotch, at the bar of the “Golden Lion”. In fact, he imbibed a bottle of whisky, his daughter had discovered sex, drugs and rock n roll, after he had paid for an expensive private education. Thank God she wasn’t called Lindsey (court laughs).

The testimony of Yvonne Bartlett of Southern Investigations was at all times accurate.

On to Bryan Madagan, now resident in the Costa Del Sol. Mr Madagan was the original employer of Daniel Morgan, quite frankly Morgan’s many flights of fancy “major police corruption at Catford” which in turn was merely an overtime scam, now seem risible.

Sid Fillery played a central role in the murder inquiry. At 55 minutes into the documentary Mr Fillery alluded to adultery, as the motive for Morgan’s murder. This, along with a Maltese drugs cartel, are the two most plausible causes.

Police records prove that Jonathan Rees was making phone calls from 21.00 to 21.40 and this exculpates him from the murder. Also – as to Belmont – how could Mr Rees have shouted “not in my eyes, near my eyes” when he was attacked, if there were no witnesses?

I shall now move to the words of Alastair Morgan. He is given little screen time, he is an ex psychiatric patient, whose brother Daniel had visited in “Golden Lion” to buy drugs for him. An equally poor witness is Kevin Lennon, who had a fraud charge hanging over him.

As to forensic evidence, none was found, nor any DNA. It remains that the two motives for murder are cuckoldry and a Maltese drugs link. Apparently in Episode Two the bugging of “Southern Investigations” in addition to misuse of the PNC feature. Goggzilla‘s summation must wait however, as I must grapple with Slovak irregular verbs and a paper on Celtic genetics. One could have done without Mr Vian’s faux “Irish traveller” impersonation.

Finally, Grace Henry and Cydney Yeates, poor. Goggzilla will deal with the suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes in the following blog post.


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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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