500th post, Stephen Wright is wrong, the Daily Fail and Daniel Morgan.

The affairs of Daniel Morgan are mentioned in the Mail article, even Peter Jukes discounted the “love triangle” theory.


No mention of “Aussie Paul” the left handed cuckold who swore to get whomever was having a affair with his wife (it was Morgan, who mentioned it to David Bray). Another error in the Richard Pendlebury and Wright article is the cost – the five bungled investigations cost £140 million, not £30 million. Punitive compensation and reparation must be added to this.

One had given up hope of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel reaching a conclusion. The Northern Irish link did not elude Sharon O’Neill of UTV. Baroness O’Loan is tainted by association with bent police such as Chris McHaffey, Jim Gamble and Wood. As to the police getting letters, the list is long but Jarratt, Cook and Yates must feature along with their underlings.

Alec Leighton is featured. However not his role in uncovering dodgy goings on with FMBE.

FBME’s investigators: in contempt and under orders

Which brings us to the bugging of “Southern Investigations” in 1999. The second episode of “Murder in the car park” gives a false image, that it a group of undercover police bugging. Wrong. It was a former Det Con who had been fitting up SHAC animal rights activists and was making thousands by illegally obtaining defence documents. Ex Det Con Derek G Haslam then planted child abuse images on Sid Fillery’s computer (from Haslam’s own stash). ACPO lead on child abuse, Chief Constable Simon Bailey is a “worshipful brother” at the same lodge as Haslam (who was kicked out of Manor of Bensham over his part in Alan “Taffy” Holmes suicide).

Sadly Glenn Vian, one of the wrongfully accused died after a brave battle against cancer on Tuesday, I was informed Wednesday. New Scotland Yard hold that they saved themselves £1.3 million in compensation. They did not take into account that damages in excess of that sum will wipe out any smirking they indulge in.

Some good news on the horizon regarding my next trip but enough for now.

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