Daniel Morgan murder – DCS Dave Cook and Alan “Taffy” Holmes.

If you want bad writing, with poor research, look no further than Peter “The Armenian Shakespeare” Jukes and his latest exculpation of a bent detective.

The Daniel Morgan Murder: Lead Detective Became a Scapegoat for Scotland Yard

Det Ch Supt Dave Cook’s “mental illness” didn’t stop him trying to broker a book deal. Of course, the Daniel Morgan “Independent” Panel are moving at a snail’s pace, it is in New Scotland Yard’s vested interest to derail any progress into whom in the Metropolitan Police murdered Morgan. The “Byline” post alludes to Det Ch Supt Fiona McCormack “mislaying” thirty crates of evidence. Non disclosure of evidence bedevilled this, plus other miscarriages of justice, but exonerated Jonathan Rees, Sid Fillery along with the Vian Brothers. The use of drug addict Gary Eaton and the propping up of the whole mess by John Yates is now under focus.

As it is the final episode tonight (Channel 4, 9 pm, Murder in the car park) one ought to draw together the strands making up the killing.

Where? Sydenham.

When? 9 pm to 9.40 pm.

How? Axe to head.

Who? Person or persons as yet unknown, in the Metropolitan Police.

Why? Bizarre theories abound. It was not an overtime scam at Catford, it was not the “£400,000 story” concerning drugs from Miami. It could be connected to Malta or a jealous lover – cherchez l’argent. Red herrings galore.

Goggzilla is asked about free masonry and it only had a tenuous connection. However, the suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes resonates, and needs examination.

Finally, a plethora of hits and for once they centre on Bakewell English teacher and embezzler, Yvonne L Radstone, Vonny Watts “Jean Hatchet”. Whose pal forced Alan “Taffy” Holmes to commit suicide. That’s another story.


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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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