H is for Ian Hurst, Jacqui Hames and Alan “Taffy” Holmes.

L, of course, is for Leveson and a risible testimony from Jacqui Hames, who had a minor role in the Daniel Morgan murder and subsequent framing of Jonathan Rees.


Skip the first dozen pages. Page 13, para 32. Operation Abelard II didn’t have enough evidence on Jon Rees to go to trial. Op Abelard II had been sabotaged from within (more later). Moreover, para 35, there were substantial rumours of Mrs David Imrie-Cook having an affair with a senior policeman. You’ll need more than Muay Thai to get out of that Mum.

I passed over Max Mosley’s statement, and that of uber corrupt erstwhile Chief Constable of Norfolk, Andy Hayman. But I did look at Ian Hurst.


Paragraph 6 omits that “fleeing to France” Ian Hurst was committing mortgage fraud, but his pals, the rats of the Garda Siochana/Geisha Sayonara, covered up for him with the Bank of Ireland. Or MI5 paid them off, whatever. Hurst is a Lidl’s version of Walter Mitty, as has been proven. Paragraph 13  and X is Philip Campbell Smith, why the reticence Hurst? Could it be to do with Operation Abelard II, the planting of a bug at “Southern Investigations” and a certain fat old nonce?

This brings us to Peter Jukes latest flight of fancy, that Morgan was murdered as he was involved with Alan “Taffy” Holmes in an expose. The “evidence” is not supported by any other source. Jukes must place anything he has to back this bizarre claim up in the public domain, else he becomes an even greater object of ridicule. It must be added that Holmes named Haslam in his suicide note. This led to Haslam being ordered to leave “Manor of Bensham 7114” lodge and leaving the Metropolitan Police due to mental illness (as per Dave Cook). New Scotland Yard must pay Rees and others compensation.

Watching episode two of #MurderInTheCarPark – much much better as it gets to the media corruption swiftly. But ONE MASSIVE OVERSIGHT in the bugging of Southern Investigations – the vital role of undercover officer Derek Haslam’ 1/2
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Peter Jukes

Replying to

Haslam’s key evidence, supported by other witnesses on

is that Daniel had a massive story of police corruption he was selling to Fleet St with another officer DC Alan Holmes, who also died violently in the summer of 1987. Neither cops or doc makers touch this so far

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