Tom Watson, Operation Arbacia and R v Elliott.

Tom Watson has been busy. The disgraced ex deputy leader of Labour (Operation Midland) hired Ian “Walter Mitty” Hurst (alias Martin Ingram, Captain James Rennie of SAS)  and Peter Keeley (Kevin Fulton) to hack into the computer of Alex Marunchak. This is exactly what Watson accused Marunchak, the erstwhile boss of the Irish edition “News of the World” paper , of doing.

Marunchak is now residing in Ramsgate. Hurst is a debt collector in Bolton.

Continuing on an Irish note, where is Dennis McFadden? “Operation Arbacia” is mentioned by the ever excellent “Hush Hush” in “The Phoenix” (Irish version of Private Eye magazine). McFadden attempted to get totally innocent Marcus Varley to verbal up Celtic supporters NIRA supporters . As with Marunchak, CNE computer network exploitation was fully used.

Now to the case of John “Reg Elliott” and Kent Police corruption. The facts in the public domain are that Mr Elliott, a publican, was caught with a large stash of drugs, which had been illegally planted by the Old Bill. It was only luck that Elliott was the one arrested, he was about to give the car keys to his daughter, who had just passed her driving test. Kent Police testimony was shot down, as they claimed to have Elliott under surveillance – but it was proven that the hotel window did not look down on the car park. Anxious to be dug out of a costly and embarrassing hole, Kent Police bought paid perjurer ex Det Con Derek G Haslam, now hiding in the Shouldham area of Norfolk.

Haslam, who quit the Metropolitan Police over mental illness in October 1989, persuaded Elliott to alter his statement at the last minute, thus torpedoing any chance of an acquittal.

This blogge is brought to you by the Kent Tourism Board.

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