6th December 1988 – Operation Abelard II, Alan “Taffy” Holmes and the Daniel Morgan murder.

Good news today (though not for plod) as light is shone upon corruption in New Scotland Yard, along with the Hampshire Constabulary. The scapegoat for the Metropolitan Police debacle surrounding the Daniel Morgan murder became Jonathan Rees, of “Southern Investigations”. Thrashing about to frame the innocent, the original team settled upon the lazy notion that, due to an argument, Jon Rees had Morgan murdered. Much has been made of the “golden hour” being lost at the “Golden Lion” pub.

I now come to the role of Det Supt Douglas Campbell. How drunk was he? A statement made by P.C* Derek Haslam on 6th December 1988 is now casting doubt on what followed. Indeed, by the time of “Operation Abelard II” Haslam was drawing adverse attention from Justice Maddison. * Haslam had killed a pedestrian when drunk driving and was demoted to uniformed duties for a year.


Page 65 and pp 66-67 also focus on Det Sgt Gary Dalby and Heather Stangoe, Q.C.

How close were Alan “Taffy” Holmes and Daniel Morgan? (Not very.) Haslam was the sole person named in Holmes suicide note.

Old Bill were anxious to connect Alex Marunchak of the “News of the World” to Mr Rees and Sid Fillery at “Southern”. Given the (thus far) £2,355,000 cost of the “independent” panel nothing proves that Rees, Fillery, the Vians or any of the “prime suspects” were guilty. 5000 names are attached to what is now the greatest embarrassment in UK policing, the numerous attempts to fit up those who are innocent. Moreover, the failure of the Metropolitan Police to pay adequate compensation to anyone who had the misfortune to be in the path of a myopic, vindictive and bent New Scotland Yard.

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